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Sunday, 10 February 2008

The Fife Anthology

Fringe of Gold. The Fife Anthology. This is the first ever anthology of writing about Fife, a part of Scotland with an immensely rich tradition of history and literature. It gathers together all of the great characters of Scottish history who have acted out their dramas within the famous Kingdom of Fife, St Margaret and Alexander I, James VI and the Earl of Moray, Cardinal Beaton and Archbishop Sharp, Mary Queen of Scots and John Knox. Here too are the many great writers, from Robert Henryson to Robert Louis Stevenson, Walter Scott to Thomas Carlyle, all the way up to Ian Rankin.

All walks of life are represented here, the whalers of Kirkcaldy and the miners of Lindsay Colliery; ambulance men and Hammermen; witches and magicians; golfers and distillers. The background to their lives, the fine castles and cottages, pretty villages and scenes of rural beauty are celebrated in wonderfully varied prose and poetry. Anyone who knows and loves Fife will find here a collection of vivid and entertaining writing that unfolds the full splendour of Scotland’s fringe of gold. Fringe of Gold: The Fife Anthology.

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