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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Wilkie Ancestry Fife Scotland

Sir David Wilkie, (1785-1841) The son of the minister of Cults, Fife, Scotland, he was educated locally and at the Trustees' Academy,Edinburgh, between 1799 and 1804. He moved to London in 1805 and although he worked as a portrait painter he began a series of other works, those for which he is best known, the intricately detailed depictions of social life in Scottish country villages such as The Village Politicians (1809) and The Penny Wedding (1818). In 1807 Wilkie met John Galt, whose writing was much influenced by Wilkie's fine delineation of Scottish character and landscape. One of the most popular painters of his day, Wilkie became the King's Limner in Scotland in 1823 and the King's Painter in Ordinary in England in 1830. He was knighted in 1836. His paintings of Scottish rural life and character and those touching on historical subjects place him in the same rank as Gait and Sir Walter Scott for recording the life of a bygone Scotland.

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