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Thursday, 12 February 2009

Charles I Dunfermline Fife Scotland

One of Fife's greatest sons? Probably not. But King Charles I cast a great shadow and, in his failures, led to major changes in the development of Great Britain. Charles I, who reigned 1625-49, was born in Dunfermline in 1600, the son of James VI and I. However he was not the best of kings. Reserved and self-righteous, problems often of his own making dogged him throughout his reign. Details are complex, with tensions revolving around finances and religion. But this was also a power struggle with a Parliament growing in strength, and one in which Charles' intransigence and notions of his own greatness won him few friends. When matters degenerated into civil war it was Parliament which triumphed. Charged with treason, Charles was found guilty and beheaded within days, Parliament then passing a Bill abolishing the office of king. It was to be over 20 years before his son, Charles II, was to sit on the throne, and by then the relationship between king and country had changed forever.

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