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Wednesday, 11 February 2009

King James I Dunfermline Fife Scotland

King James I of Scotland (1394-1437) ruled Scotland with such a firm hand, his death
was perhaps inevitable. He was born in Dunfermline, the son of Robert III and Annabella Drummond of the House of Stuart. On passage to France in 1405, however, he was captured by the English who demanded a ransom for his release. James' uncle, then regent, refused to pay and James endured confinement lasting 18 years, finally obtaining liberty in 1424 following his uncle's death. He was crowned at Scone Abbey and, after marrying Joan Beaufort, cousin of King Henry VI of England, introduced financial and legal reforms, even attempting to remodel Scotland's Parliament along English lines. He exacted revenge on those who had governed in his absence but his attempts to curb the lawless nobility made him deeply unpopular. In a conspiracy led by the Earl of Atholl, James was murdered in his bed at the, royal lodgings at Blackfriars, Perth, by assassins headed by Sir Robert Graham.

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