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Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Lydox Mill Dairsie Fife Scotland

An old view of Lydox Mill, Dairsie, Fife, Scotland. The Old Parish of Dairsie in 1861. This parish is situated in the north-east of the County of Fife, and is bounded on the west by Cupar, on the north by Logie and Kilmany, on the east by Leuchars, and on the south by Kemback. It is about two and a half miles in length, and nearly as much in breadth. The surface slopes gently upwards, terminating in the hills of Foodie and Craigfoodie, which are situated near the centre of the Parish, and which are capable of bearing heavy crops nearly up to their summits. The soil in general is very fertile, and is in many places rich and deep, and is also in a high state of cultivation. Freestone and whinstone abound in the Parish. The mansion-houses are Craigfoodie and Pittormie. The old castle of Dairsie is in the immediate vicinity of the Parish Church, but it is now in a very dilapidated condition. It was rebuilt by Archbishop Spottiswoode, in which it is said he compiled his Church History. It was at one time a place of considerable importance and strength, and is said to have been for some time the residence of Archbishop Sharp; in 1355 it had the honour of having a Parliament convened within its walls. The Parish Church was erected by Archbishop Spottiswoode. It is beautifully situated, and its fine massive Gothic windows and polygonal tower renders it an object of interest and admiration to visitors. There is also a Free Church in the Parish. The Parish School is near Middlefoodie, and there is a Free Church School at Dairsie village, and a Female School at Foodieash.

There is a spinning mill at Lydox Mill, and three corn and flour mills, the machinery of which is propelled by water power obtained from the Eden, which skirts the southern boundary of the Parish, and is spanned by a bridge of three arches, built by Archbishop Spottiswoode to facilitate his communication with St Andrews. The inhabitants are partly engaged in agricultural operations, and a few in handloom linen weaving. The road from Kirkcaldy to Newport passes through the Parish, and it is also traversed by the Dundee fork of the E. P. & D. Railway, which has a station near Dairsie.

The Post Town is Cupar, with a Sub-Post Office at Dairsie, William Brodie, Sub-Post Master. A postman arrives from Cupar at about 9.45 A.M., and leaves at 1.45 P.M., reaching Cupar in time for despatch by the earliest afternoon mails.

Blacksmiths: Bonella, John, Foodieash, Henderson, James, Dairsie Muir, Kidd, George, Pittormie, Marshall, George, Dairsie Muir.

Boot and Shoemakers: Clark, Andrew, Dairsie Muir, Ferguson, John,, Simmers, Thomas, Foodieash.

Clergy: McGillivary, Angus M., Free Church, Dairsie Muir, Wright, Robert, Parish Church, Dairsie.

Corn Proofers: Duncan, Thomas, Dairsie Muir, Stewart, William.

Farmers: Annan, John, Lydox Mill, Bell, David, Todhall, Bogie, Alexander, Esq., Newmill, Braid, John, Fingask, Davidson, Robert, Foodieash, Fortune, George, Esq., Wester Craigfoodie, Gibb, Mrs John, Dairsie, Mitchell, James, Damside, Meldrum, D., Esq., Home Farm, Easter Craigfoodie, Meldrum, Robert, Esq., Pittormie, Pryde, James, Dairsie Mill, Small, Lindesay, Esq., Foodie, Storrar, Alexander, Easter Craigfoodie, Strachan, David, Newmill.

Gentry and People Of Independent Means: Bogie, Alexander, Esq., Newmill, Fortune, Geo., Esq., of Wester Craigfoodie, Meldrum, Mrs, Pittormie, Meldrum, D., Esq., of Easter Craigfoodie, Small, Lindesay, Esq., Foodie, Thomson, Misses, Woodville, Dairsie Muir.

Grocers: Henderson, Jean, Dairsie Muir, Inglis, John, Laing, William, Robb, Mrs Alexander.

Joiners and Wrights: Brodie, William, Dairsie Muir, Gibson, James, Foodieash.

Millers: Annan, John, (Corn & Barley) Lydox Mill, Braid, John, (Corn) Dron Mill, Pryde, James, (Corn & Barley) Dairsie Mill, Strachan, David, (Flour) Newmill.

Teachers and Schools: Hutchison, Alexander, Parish School, Middlefoodie, Stewart, A., Free Church School, Dairsie Muir, Todd, Miss C. O., Lady Foulis' School, Foodieash.

Miscellaneous: Annan, David, Flax Spinner, Lydox Mill, Fleming, Thomas, Land Surveyor, and Inspector of Poor, Middlefoodie, Henderson, James, Carter, Dairsie Muir, McIntosh, Alex., Vintner, Page, James, Builder and Sculptor, Rodger, Jane, Dressmaker, Smith, Alexander, Tailor.

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