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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Auchtermuchty Parish Fife Scotland

Auchtermuchty signifying in Gaelic 'the cottage of the King', is a parish and a royal burgh, the latter 22 miles from Dundee, 19 from St Andrews, 14 from Perth, 5 from Newburgh, and 3 from Collessie, a station on the Edinburgh, Perth & Dundee Railway. It is situated on the road from Kinross to Cupar Fife, 10 miles from the former and 9 from the latter town. Auchtermuchty is irregularly built - many of the houses are thatched and low, but the greater proportion are of a superior appearance. There is a good substantial mansion house in the town, which was once the residence of the Thane of Fife. A stream of water called Loverspool runs through the town, dividing it into nearly two equal parts. This place was constituted a royal burgh by James IV, which charter was confirmed by James VI, and it still enjoys all the privileges arising therefrom, except that of parliamentary representation. It is governed by 3 baillies, 15 councillors, a treasurer, and town clerk, and has a sheriff's small debt court, which is held quarterly. O. T. Bruce Esq. of Grange and Falkland is patron of the parish, and has become of late years a large proprietor in it. There is a castle on one of his estates which was built by the unfortunate Mary, Queen of Scotland. A considerable trade is carried on here in manufacturing linen & cotton goods for Dunfermline, Dundee and Kirkcaldy houses, and this forms the principal business of the place. There are branches respectively of the Union Bank of Scotland, and the Western Bank of Scotland, and a bank for savings. The places of worship comprise a church of the establishment, a free church, 3 united presbyterian chapels, and one for baptists. The parish church is an old structure, lately enlarged, and situated near the centre of the town. Schools are connected with the parish church and the free church, and there is one for infants. Fairs April 5th, July 13th and August 21st. From Slater's Directory, published 1852. Tour Auchtermuchty Parish, Fife, Scotland, on an Ancestry Tour of Scotland. Best Scottish Tours, Best Scottish Food, Best Scottish Hotels, Small Group Tours of Scotland.

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