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Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Logie Parish Fife Scotland

Logie parish was anciently called Logie Murdoch. It is bounded on the north and west by Kilmany, on the south by Dairsie and Leuchars, and on the east by Leuchars and Forgan. It is 4 miles in length by 1.25 miles in breadth. It is watered by several burns from the higher grounds. Any good fertile loam is to be found on the sides of the hills; the lower part being generally moorish and thin. The average rent of land may be set down at £2 per acre. This being an agricultural parish, every means has been used to improve it; and were the enclosures better than they are, farmers would rear more sheep than they do, as they are found greatly to improve light dry land; that is, by allowing the land to lie in grass for some years. The sheep are of various breeds. A good deal of cattle are reared here, but more are bought and fattened in winter by turnips for the butcher. The Fife breed answers best. The quaintity of grain grown is in the following order: oats, barley and wheat; then grass, turnip, potatoes, pease and beans, occupy most ground in the order just given. Coal and freestone are not wrought in the parish, but whinstone is very abundant, from being so near the hills. Lucklawhill consists of a yellow coloured porphyry, "very hard, and susceptible of a very fine polish". Parish church and Free church, but no U.P. church. Parish school, but no private school. A library was left by Walter Bowman for the use of the parish about a hundred years ago. There is no public house in the parish. Logie village is a small one, near the parish church, from which the nearest market and post town is Cupar, distant 4.5 miles. There are two other hamlets. Edited from A Descriptive and historic gazeteer of the counties of Fife, Kinross and Clackmannan, M Barbieri, published in 1857. Tour Logie Parish, Fife, Scotland, on an Ancestry Tour of Scotland. Best Scottish Tours, Best Scottish Food, Best Scottish Hotels, Small Group Tours of Scotland.

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