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Saturday, 25 August 2007

Anstruther Wester Parish Fife Scotland

Anstruther Wester which adjoins Anstruther Easter, is also a royal burgh, and holds its charter of incorporation from James VI in 1587; a handsome bridge connects the two burghs. The inhabitants are principally employed in agricultural pursuits. Great improvements have been effected in this town within the last thirty years: among these must be noticed the widening of the main street from 13 to 30 feet, its being macadamized, and the formation of a neat footway or pavement at an expense of £450, contributed equally by the burgh and the county; the place is now supplied with water, the streets well lighted, common sewers and other conveniences constructed, whereby the public thoroughfares and lanes are kept in a clean and orderly state; a new manse and offices for the clergyman; and a handsome school and dwelling house for the schoolmaster, have also been erected. Fairs are held on the first Tuesday after the 11th April, July 5th, and November 12th. From Slater's Directory published 1852. Tour Anstruther Wester Parish, Fife, Scotland, on an Ancestry Tour of Scotland. Best Scottish Tours, Best Scottish Food, Best Scottish Hotels, Small Group Tours of Scotland.

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